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A Real Live

Unearth the captivating and paranormal true story of "A Real Live Fairytale." Follow the journey of an 11-year-old girl who stumbles upon an entrancing photograph of John Lennon, setting in motion a magical and mysterious adventure that defies time and explanation.

Haunted by inexplicable visions, she finds solace in art, translating her ethereal encounters onto the canvas. Driven by a profound connection with the enigmatic musician, her quest takes her to New York City, where she discovers a paranormal connection to Lennon's historic residence, the Dakota House.

In the enchanting tapestry of "A Real Live Fairytale," themes of destiny, human connection, and the allure of the unknown intertwine. Experience the emotional odyssey of an artist, fueled by an unbreakable bond with her muse, as she races against fate to uncover the secrets veiled by her haunting visions.

"A Real Live Fairytale" celebrates the extraordinary power of art and the timeless bonds that transcend the ordinary, in a true story where reality and the paranormal coalesce into a spellbinding tale.*

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